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Handwoven Sarees

Inspired by traditions that find reverence even today

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Handwoven Dupattas

A minimalistic mix of Dupattas

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Chanderi Blogs
  • Wed, Jan 04 2017. 01 20 AM IST
    There is no limit to learning online; the Internet is full of information—all one needs is a thirst for knowledge
  • Mon, May 11 2015. 12 29 AM IST
    Billions of dollars have flown into India’s e-commerce firms in the last few years. Can the explosive growth improve the lives of traditional skilled workers as well?
  • Sat, Jan 11 2014. 12 01 AM IST
    An e-commerce website that will enable weavers to sell directly to clients
  • Sat, Jan 04 2014. 12 36 AM IST
    How you can contribute to the spread of digital literacy in small-town and rural India
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